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Vanilla Is For Ice Cream Shirt

Vanilla Is For Ice Cream Shirt

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Sizzle up your wardrobe with a splash of cheeky charm courtesy of Wicked Boutique's Pineapple Joe tee, where innuendos and vibrant vintage vibes come to play. This isn't your regular shirt; it's a whimsical nudge to the lifestyle, a wink to the community, and a reminder that sometimes, vanilla is best left for ice cream.

Starring Pineapple Joe, our retro, upside-down fruity fellow, this design brilliantly captures the essence of the swinger's symbol while adding a unique, playful twist. Caught in the act of savoring his vanilla ice cream cone, Pineapple Joe encapsulates the idea that there's more to life than just the 'vanilla' experiences, especially when it comes to intimate adventures.

Crafted with premium materials for optimal comfort, this shirt guarantees a soft touch against your skin and a conversation starter at every gathering. The vibrant print stands out, ensuring that Pineapple Joe's message isn't lost in the crowd.

Perfect for those in the know, or just for those who adore a dash of naughty nostalgia in their attire, this tee is more than just fabric – it's a fun, flirty statement. Slide into the world where Pineapple Joe reigns supreme, and remember: in the realm of passion and play, vanilla truly is just for ice cream!

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👕 Made of 100% pre-shrunk 4.5oz cotton. (Heathered colors will be a cotton/poly blend)
👕 Printed to order
👕 Unisex fit. Size down for a more feminine fit, size up for a more casual fit. See size charts for measurements to select the best size for you
👕 Made of premium fabrics

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